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CRM Testimony 

About ElasticHosts

Elastic Hosts Customer Case StudyElasticHosts provides ultra-flexible and easy-to-use cloud server capacity for scalable web hosting. They also provide an on-demand burst computing such as batch processing, development & test, backup & disaster recovery and cloud bursting. ElasticHosts offers competitive pricing for both subscription and burst use. They have an outstanding performance for any PC operating system and three independent data centers covering both Europe and North America. ElasticHosts also provides a 100% SLA with 100x credits for downtime.

To do this the company is using Really Simple Systems Customer Service & Support module. The company switched over to Really Simple Systems after a trial found that more time was spent updating the old CRM system than answering customers’ questions.

One of the great things about Really Simple Systems is that Customer Service and Support is integrated with the Sales functionality, rather than using a separate CRM for sales and ticketing system for support

Using the CSS Module

Elastic Hosts CRM Customer Case StudyAnna Griffiths, Sales Manager of ElasticHosts, comments.“Cases are automatically created from incoming emails, and emails are automatically routed to the support person handling that case. This ensures accuracy, efficiency and speed of response. Cases are automatically closed when an email resolving the case is sent. They then re-opened if the customer sends an email back saying that the problem is ongoing.”

Richard Davies, CEO at ElasticHosts, adds, “One of the great things about Really Simple Systems is that Customer Service & Support is integrated within the sales functionality. So instead of using a separate CRM for sales, and ticketing system for support we get one system that can do both. This means our sales people can see the pre-sales tech support in action and that our support people can see the value of the leads that they are working on.”

“The speed with which staff can record what has been done and what needs to be done is fantastic,” says Griffiths. “Logging into your CRM system to be presented with a transparent record of all customer communications is great. Each morning we have a list of things which need to be done, with all the relevant information on one page and a minimum of fuss. We use the CRM system for sales and technical support, to ensure customers’ queries are dealt with properly and efficiently. And loads of statistics are available through the module for both sales and support, to help hone ElasticHosts email marketing campaigns.”

The CS&S module is available in Really Simple Systems Enterprise Edition.