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Emmaus CRM Case Study

About Emmaus

Emmaus CRM CAse Study: Preston Shop FloorHomelessness charity, Emmaus, founded in 1949, supports around 623 formerly homeless people across 24 communities. Emmaus provide them with a home for as long as they need it and meaningful work in social enterprises.

The Emmaus Preston branch has been particularly successful and as the branch has grown there has been an increased need to acquire a CRM system. They needed a system that could efficiently systematise all data and documents linked to employees, volunteers and companions. Really Simple Systems is supporting Emmaus Preston by donating a subscription to its Enterprise Edition CRM.

With Really Simple Systems we can store all the data in one secure environment and limit exposure through the use of user-based access.

Using data to help Companions

Emmaus CRM Case StudyEmmaus Preston stores details on every companion, including emergency contacts, medical histories, dentists, doctors and employee feedback. Prior to implementing a cloud-based system, the organisation was manually documenting all of this information. This not only made it susceptible to human error or loss, but also a time consuming and inefficient process.

Stephen Buchanan, Director, Emmaus Preston, commented, “At Emmaus our main priority is rehabilitating homeless people into the community and helping them to rebuild their lives. The systems we had in place took up lots of time and were prone to error, which was proving detrimental to our overall goal. Really Simple Systems has helped us to overcome this by donating a system that is simple, easy to learn and has functionality that copes with all our needs.”

The cloud-based system has now replaced the pre-existing paper trails in the Preston branch. It has allowed Emmaus to quickly welcome and help new companions. In addition, it allows Emmaus employees to access information about companions such as medical records or emergency contact details quickly and readily if they should need them.

Keeping data secure

For an organisation like Emmaus, security and confidentiality is a key priority. This is something Really Simple Systems CRM gives the organisation that a paper-based system could not.

Buchanan continues, “The paper-based systems were not as secure as we would have liked them to be. But with Really Simple Systems we can store all the data in one secure environment and limit exposure with user security. All of our employees are able to login to the system but they can only access the areas that they have permission to view. This allows us to keep all information limited and protects the privacy of all our companions.”

All interactions with the system are also logged, which means if the need arises, Emmaus can look back at which user amended information and can even see what time and date it took place. In addition to the security of the system, having a cloud-based system means that Emmaus Preston can archive the information it holds on companions, as it needs to.

Looking to the future

Emmaus Preston Companion's RoomThe in depth functionality of Really Simple Systems’ solution means that Emmaus Preston can continue to increase the support it provides to its companions into the future. If a companion moves to another community, the volunteers and employees at that community can conveniently access necessary data. This will include information such as incident logs, contact details and other relevant documents. In addition, in an emergency situation, the solution means the team can quickly access emergency details. They can also carry out risk assessments and even work from home when needed.

Buchanan concludes, “The system has been a great help to us. I can’t say it has helped us rehabilitate more people than we would have without it but I can say that it has played a significant part. It allows our employees to access everything they need to help the companions. This then provides us with more time to focus on the overall objectives instead of correcting and chasing up paper trails. We are extremely grateful for the donation from Really Simple Systems and we hope to further expand our use into the future.”