Really Simple Systems Cloud CRM goes cross-platform

Really Simple Systems, one of the world’s largest providers of Cloud CRM systems, today launches the latest version of it’s award winning sales, marketing and customer support system that runs seamlessly across all desktops, tablets and smartphones.

The new version uses HTML5 and responsive design to deliver a consistent user experience across all devices. Previous versions of the system had different applications for desktop and mobile devices.

“The new version delivers all the functionality of every module to all user devices.” commented John Paterson, CEO of Really Simple Systems. “With so many end-user devices now being adopted by CRM users, and the increase in demand for mobile access, we needed to move away from having different mobile and desktop versions. We also wanted to change the idea that mobile applications are chopped down versions of a full, desktop version, and offer the complete functionality on any device.”

The new version also includes improved search facilities, graphics on devices that don’t support Flash and faster navigation, all key improvements for smartphone users.

Tim Tansley, Senior Digital & Data Manager for accountants Baker Tilly who uses Really Simple Systems across its 35 offices and who has been testing the new system said “Mobile access is increasingly important for us, on iPads and smart phones, so this new version will help us deliver better customer service as well as helping generally with CRM adoption within the practice.”

About Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems Cloud CRM is aimed at small and medium sized businesses (SMEs/SMBs) with between 2 and 200 users who want a straightforward online CRM sales, marketing and customer service application. The hosted model is particularly suitable for companies with multiple locations and sales people who work remotely or at home. Really Simple Systems, winner of EuroCloud and the Software Satisfaction Awards is the largest European provider of online CRM systems. Users include the Red Cross, Royal Academy of Arts, the British Museum, NHS, the Department for Environment and Baker Tilly as well as many small and medium sized companies.