Introducing Really Simple Systems CRM New Version 5

Our CRM Version 5 is now live! Read about the CRM new version which includes a modern, new user interface and functionality improvements.

After a year-long period of development, our CRM Version 5 is now live. In this first stage we’ve concentrated on developing the Sales module and creating a fresh new look, so it’s easier to use and find your way around.

Our next job is to move on to the Marketing module and then the Service & Support module.

So let’s take a look at what’s changed. Here’s the introductory video:

CRM Video

New CRM Features: The Techie Bit!

In Version 5.0 we’ve rewritten the CRM in PHP using LAMP architecture. The CRM was originally written in Microsoft ASP which is now a bit out of date and tends to be a bit “buggy”. It wasn’t written for today’s web integrations and doesn’t work well with technology like APIs and jQuery.

Rewriting the whole product in PHP has been a big undertaking but it means we’ll be able to take advantage of the latest web technology and make speedier developments in the future.

Really Simple Systems CRM version 5 on different devices

New Features

Whilst working on the CRM rewrite, we’ve taken the opportunity to improve functionality in the Sales module and add a few new features. Here’s what’s included in the first release:

    • New, modern user interface
    • Optimised layouts for Smartphones and tablets
    • Custom dashboard that can be tailored to the individual user
    • Predictive search facility with search across multiple records
    • Help Drawers available in each page of the CRM, and videos where appropriate
    • Ability to hide and re-order columns in the data tables/grids, tailored to the individual user
New and Improved CRM system
    • Google Maps integration
    • Ability to copy, merge and move records within the data tables/grids
    • Ability to add Contacts without opening the Account
    • Intuitive groupings of Settings functions
    • Intuitive Subscription Management settings
    • With Marketing module, ability to add Contacts directly to a Campaign
    • With Marketing module, ability to send emails to an individual Contact