Really Simple Systems API For Developers

Integrate your CRM functionality with virtually any system or app you use.

CRM API Version 4.0

Our CRM API allows developers to integrate the CRM to just about any system or app you use. This includes your other web based application, such as your website, in-house systems, accounting software and other cloud products.

Consequently, you can share data between your systems and streamline your business processes. Furthermore, you’ll improve your business efficiency and increase productivity.

CRM API for Developers

CRM API Languages

Our CRM API version 4.0 is a RESTful (Representational State Transfer) API. This allows you to make requests to Create, Read, Update and Delete your CRM edition’s records. The API v4.0 accepts requests in JSON format.

Whether you’re looking to incorporate your CRM into an Android app, or automatically sync data with other systems, our API makes this easy. The functionality will allow CRM users, web developers and software providers to integrate their applications directly into the Really Simple Systems CRM.

API Documentation

CRM Training Resources

You can find out more about our API and access the full API Version 4.0 documentation in our Customer Support Hub.


What is an API?

API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface which isn’t much help! APIs are used in just about all social technology and provide an interface that links up different systems. As a result, when you do something in one system the data is replicated in another that is linked with the interface.

What is an API Call?

Consequently, an API call is an individual interaction between the two applications through the API. Therefore, a call occurs when a request for data is made from one system to the other using the API. Call levels are normally limited so as to control the level of traffic following through the API.

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