Custom Settings

Add custom settings to your CRM to meet your business needs

Customising your CRM

  • You can easily add and remove fields from any record using our CRM custom settings to meet your business needs. Adding your own custom fields will make it easy to find the data you need and to report on your activities.

    With Really Simple Systems CRM custom settings are simple to use, and make using the CRM simple too. There are many ways to customise your CRM system, from adding new fields through to controlling user access.

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  • CRM Custom Settings

  • Customise to meet your business needs
  • Create custom fields and tables
  • Edit fields to easily find your data
  • Write custom reports
  • Custom user permission settings

Using CRM Custom Settings

To start with you can add extra fields to the forms and remove the ones you don’t want. You can also edit the pre-defined values in the dropdown lists and add new ones. And using the advanced CRM custom settings you can change the columns in the CRM grids and page layouts.

You might also like to customise the sales process screens by defining your own Sales Stages and Sales Status to meet your requirements.

Custom Reports

Using our listing and forecast you can create, save and download custom reports using any of the data held in your CRM. You can build up the reports that include the information that important to you and include data from any custom fields you have added.

Advanced CRM Custom Settings

Customers using our Enterprise plan are also able to set up more advanced custom settings. Here you can also change your menus, forms and page layouts reflecting the unique character of your business. To discuss your custom setting requirements please contact our support team.