Mobile Devices

Using your CRM system on smartphones and tablets

CRM Mobile for Access on the Go

  • Really Simple Systems runs on all smartphones and tablets giving you CRM mobile on the go. Our system has been optimised for mobile use so it will adapt to the device you are running the system on. You just fire up the internet browser on your device and the CRM software will automatically detect what device you are using and adjust accordingly.

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    • Works on all smartphones, e.g. iPhones & Android devices
    • Works on tablets, e.g. iPad
    • Call contact numbers from your smartphone
    • Real-time updates
    • No app synchronisation
  • CRM mobile - giving you access on the go

Written using a technique called “responsive design”, Really Simple Systems CRM adjusts automatically to the size of the device you are using. This means you get the full CRM system on your smartphone or tablet and there’s no need for a CRM mobile app.

Find out more about “responsive design” and Cloud CRM in our blog – You don’t need a CRM App.

Cloud CRM for Mobile

Accessing your full CRM system through mobile devices is made possible by Cloud technology. You don’t need any local servers to run the CRM system on. There’s nothing to download, nothing to backup and maintenance is all done by the Cloud vendor (that’s us!). Users can access the system from anywhere via the internet, so it’s available 24 / 7 / 365. Find out more about how Cloud CRM works.