CRM Systems that grow with you

Start for Free and upgrade when you need to

CRM Systems that grow as your business grows

  • Our CRM systems have been designed and priced to work with you as your business grows. To get you started in the early days we offer a Free Edition CRM and, if this suits your needs, you can continue using it for free for as long as you want.

    As your business grows you may find that some of the advanced CRM features would be helpful in managing your customer relationships and you can add these on as you need them for a pay-as-you-go monthly fee.

    In time your business may have expanded with more staff using the CRM Systems and more customer accounts. At this stage you might want to consider a flat rate price that includes all the advanced features and unlimited accounts.

    Pricing and Options
  • CRM Systems that grow as your business grows

  • Free Edition

    Perfect for Start-ups, our Free Edition CRM Systems give you 100 Accounts and 2 Free Users. You can continue using the Free Edition for as long as you like or you can upgrade at any time to add more Accounts, Users and advanced features.

    So what’s the catch? There’s no catch, it’s a limited version of the CRM and we hope that you will upgrade at some stage in the future, but until then we’re happy to have you as a customer.

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  • Premium Edition

    Our Premium Edition CRM Systems give you the flexibility to add more Accounts, Users and advanced features as you need them and just pay for what you use on a monthly basis. There’s no contract or commitment period.

    Our customers find the MailSync™ feature useful to record email activity with their Contacts, and Email Marketing provides a great tool for running marketing campaigns directly from the CRM.

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  • Enterprise Edition

    As your business grows, our Enterprise Edition CRM systems give you unlimited Accounts and all the advanced features for a flat fee, per user per month. You get either the Email Marketing or Service & Support module free with 5 or more Users and both are included with 10 or more Users.

    Enterprise Edition CRM includes telephone support and 1Gb of storage. Payment is monthly with a quarterly contract.

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  • CRM Systems for growing businesses

  • I think you have a great CRM system and, as our company grows, we are likely to add more features.

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