Free CRM Software

A two user free CRM system that is free, forever.

Free CRM Software

Everything you need to manage your customers, prospects and sales pipeline – completely free, forever.

  • Account and Contact Management
  • Tasks and Activities
  • Opportunities and Sales Forecasting
  • Report Writers
  • Attach Documents
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Our Free Edition has all the features of our paid-for Editions, just limited to two users and 100 Accounts (businesses that you deal with). Its free forever, not a limited time trial.

Perfect for start-ups and people who haven’t used a CRM system before and want to see if CRM is right for them.

What’s the catch?

Apart from the limit of 100 Accounts and two users, there isn’t any. Obviously we hope that you’ll upgrade your CRM system when your business grows, but until then we’re happy to have you as a customer.

See What’s the Catch for more details. Or just

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