5 Features of CRM Software you might not know about

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Useful Features of CRM Software

Here at Really Simple Systems our philosophy is to keep CRM as simple as possible, which means not drowning users in unnecessary features. We have a lot of features that are turned off by default, the downside of which is that subscribers might not know that they exist. Here’s a list of some features of CRM software that you might not know about but could find useful:

Opportunity History

You can record changes to an Opportunity to see the history of who changed it, when and what it was before. This feature is available free in all our CRM Editions. You can find more details about Opportunity history here.

Advanced Reporting

Both the Listing Report Writer and Sales Forecast Report Writer have additional features that are available with the Advanced Reporting. Listing reports have additional views such as Last Activity and Main Contact, summarisation and subtotaling, and the Forecast Report Writer can phase sales by date fields other than the Close Date, and use values other than the Opportunity Value. More details about Advanced Reporting can be found on our CRM Support Hub

Drip Marketing

A drip marketing campaign is when you send people a series of pre-defined emails. Useful for new enquiries or people who sign up for a series of tutorials. You can easily set up a drip marketing campaign in the Marketing module. See the Drip Marketing section on our Support Hub.

Drip Marketing is available for standard with the Marketing module.

System Designer

System Designer allows you to customise the forms (Account page, Contact page etc), grids (Accounts page, Contacts page etc) and your home page in your CRM system. Systems Designer is an option in Premium Edition and come for standard in Enterprise Edition. More details can be found here.

Download My Data

Unlike some CRM systems, we let you download your data at any time. You can do this from SetUp/Download My Data, and then choose which objects you’d like to download. The data will dumped into zip’ed csv files. Useful for loading the data into a analytics product, or just for having that warm feeling of having a backup.

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John Paterson

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