Lists & Segmentation

Filter and segment your customer base from your CRM data, create lists and tailor your emails to target their exact profiles.


CRM That’s Better Together

Integrated CRM Sales and Marketing lets you optimise your database segmentation to create specific profiles and cohorts.

Database Segmentation

With Really Simple Systems you can easily drill down and segment your database in an instant. As your email marketing is fully integrated with your CRM this means you can filter your contacts based on any of your data fields and by their activity in previous campaigns.

There’s no need to import lists, your contacts are specific to each marketing campaign you run. This lets you set up multiple stages within a campaign, each with a different mailing list.

Contact Lists and Database Segmentation

Optimise Your Data

Make sure the right message go to the right people using database segmentation.

Build segments using your CRM data fields, adding multiple criteria filters that drill down to create detailed selections.

Optimise your email marketing by designing different emails that target each specific groups.

Filter contacts based on their engagement activity from previous campaigns, such as opens, clickthroughs or no activity.

Cross-refer your CRM and mailing consent data for data protection legislation compliance, for example GDPR.

Powerful Targeting

Build broad or narrow segments from your CRM data or let your contacts decide what they want.

Multi-Selection Criteria

When you create your marketing campaign you simply enter your selection criteria to create new segmentation. You might select just your prospects, or maybe it’s all your contacts based in Glasgow. To drill-down further, you can use the multiple selection, or de-selection, criteria to build up or reduce the mailing list. For example, segmenting your prospects based in Glasgow that operate in the financial services sector.

Marketing Insight

As marketing activity and customers’ responses are recorded back to your CRM you can use this insight to further segment your contacts and aid your sales process. This means, for example, you could mail all customers with a minimum annual value of $2,000, who have recently purchased a particular product, but didn’t open a previous email you sent. All this is possible with Really Simple Systems.

Mailing Preferences

Lists can be used to maintain mailing preferences, segmenting your contacts into different areas of interest. You could have one list that records general mailing consent, or have multiple lists for each of your product or services. This lets your contacts select which mailings they wish to receive, or to unsubscribe. The action feeds back to the CRM, creating a consent record in accordance with GDPR.

CRM for database segmentation

Mailing Consent Lists

Mailing Consent Lists allow you to collect and record opt-in consent from your contacts. You can gain consent from your existing contact database using an email link, or from new leads via your website using a web form.

The feature enables compliance with international data protection legislation, including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), creating an auditable log of when, how and from what IP address the consent was granted.

The ability to create so many different reports from our CRM means we can send bespoke segmented e-newsletters to our suspects, prospects and customers.

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