Contact Segmentation

Segmenting your contacts by the data fields in your CRM

Contact List Segmentation

  • Contact list segmentation with most email marketing systems can be very time consuming. With Really Simple Systems you can easily drill down to specific groupings in an instant. Because the system is totally integrated with your CRM you can segment your contacts based on any of your data fields.

    Furthermore, there’s no need to import lists and set up reference codes, your contact lists are specific to each marketing campaign you run. You can also set up multiple stages within a campaign, each with a different list of contacts to mail.

  • Contact list segmentation made easy

  • Select contacts using CRM data fields
  • Add/remove contacts to build selection
  • Simple “mail all” function
  • Drill down into detailed criteria
  • Multiple criteria selections
  • Target your messages to specific audiences

Multi-Selection Criteria

When you create your marketing campaign, or campaign stage, you simply enter your selection criteria to add contacts. For example, you might want to select just prospects, or maybe it’s all your contacts in New York. You can also use multiple selection, or de-selection, criteria to build up or reduce the mailing list.

Maybe you want to mail all customers with a minimum annual value of $2,000, that have recently purchased a particular product, but didn’t open a previous email you sent. All this is possible with Really Simple Systems.

Marketing Insight from your CRM

As you are selecting contacts based on the fields in your CRM you can utilise this data in your marketing. And as your customers’ responses are recorded back into your CRM you also have this insight to further segment future campaigns and aid your sales process.

Unsubscribed Contacts

Our marketing module automatically manages unsubscribed contacts and bounced email addresses. Your system will recognise any unsubscribers and will update your contact list in real-time, so your list is always up to date.