CRM Reports

Generate management information reports from your CRM

Management Information Reporting

  • With two powerful report writers included in our CRM software you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to generating management information.

    The Forecast Report Writer is a dedicated report writer for running sales forecasts and Opportunity Management. The Listings Report Writer is great for quick ad-hoc reports, or standard reports that can be saved and scheduled. What’s more, you can download reports to your screen, as a data file for further analysis, or as a PDF to print.

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  • CRM Reports for CRM management information

  • Powerful sales and marketing insight
  • In-depth CRM reports and sales forecasts
  • Download reports to your screen, Excel or PDF
  • Clickthrough to customer records
  • Save popular reports to your Dashboard
  • “Drag and Drop” report builder

Advanced Reports Options

  • Scheduled reports delivered to your inbox
  • “Run-time” option to change the filter values when you run the report
  • Report permission levels

Listing CRM Reports

Using the Listing Report Writer you can generate a wide range of reports to help manage your team and activities. These might be simple reports like “How many calls has Bob made this week?” or “How many customers do I have in London?”. You can also create more sophisticated summaries, such as “How many customers do we have in each industry Sector?” or “What is the total number of deals and value of our sales pipeline, by product?”

Forecast CRM Reports

For detailed forecasts of your sales pipeline, you’ll find everything you need in the Forecast Reports writer. You can report monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly, sort the report by probability, weighted and unweighted values and also by your sales groups.

Advanced Reporting

Our Enterprise plan gives you access to the additional features available in Advanced Reporting.

Scheduled reports can be delivered to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly, making sure you have the latest information when you need it. With regular reports you can set the filter option to be edited when you next run it. This allows you to quickly change your criteria values without having to edit the report. You can also subtotal, summarise and suppress data.

If you have User Permission Levels included in your subscription you can set access and edit permission levels for each report.