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Service & Support Ticketing System

  • Deliver great customer service with our customer service software by making sure all requests are dealt with efficiently and nothing gets forgotten. As a feature to your CRM, this help desk ticketing system means you can prioritise support requests with customisable SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and real-time response reporting on your dashboard.

    The software enables you to speed up your customer response by automating incoming emails and managing the support queue. The powerful reporting system gives insight on closed cases, response times and frequently asked questions.

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  • Custom Dashboard

    The Service & Support dashboard displays the total number of open cases, and cases and staff that need attention, giving you instant insight. And the system’s simple traffic light metaphor shows case status: green, amber and red, as they become more urgent

    Cases are automatically ranked for easy prioritisation.

    Allows you to identify and reassign problem cases.

  • Case Management

    Our Service & Support software gives you full Case Management that tracks the progress of each Case from open to close.

    Fully integrated with your CRM you can see all the activities associated with a case on one simple page.

    Opening, assigning, closing and reopening cases are automatically recorded.

  • Service Level Agreements

    Using the Service & Support software and Ticketing System your customers can be assigned SLAs (Service Level Agreement) and each SLA can have multiple priorities with different target response times.

    SLAs can also define case ranking.

  • Customer Service Software & Help Desk Ticketing

  • Email Integration

    Emails integration means your emails are automatically associated with Cases as well as the Company Account.

    Incoming emails can be set up to create new Cases, or be mapped to existing ones.

  • Integration with Sales CRM

    All Cases, emails and activities can be seen within the Sales CRM system, giving you total insight into all the account activity.

    This means your sales staff can see the status of any open Cases before contacting the customer.

One of the great things about Really Simple Systems is that Customer Service Desk is integrated with the Sales functionality, rather than using a separate CRM for sales and ticketing system for support.

  • Web site integration

    Our web-to-lead forms features, Web Transactions, lets your customers create Cases directly from your web site.

    You can also use our API for full access to Cases to create a customer portal.

  • Reporting and Analysis

    The powerful Report Writer can show detail and summarised reports and statistics.

    This lets you gain insight on your support processes by reporting on close cases, response times, frequently asked questions.

  • Custom Settings

    The software can be customised to meet your business needs. It includes fully customisable SLAs, Case types and Case Levels plus the option to create additional custom fields.

    Service & Support Module Dashboard

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