Opportunity Management

Effectively manage and track your sales opportunities

Managing your Sales Opportunities

  • With Really Simple Systems CRM you can manage and track your sales opportunities to effectively prioritise your sales effort. The Sales Force Automation means you get visibility of your sales team’s pipelines right through the sales process.

    You can create sales opportunities showing the value of the deal, set and update the probability of the sale and also add weighted values. As a result, our intuitive CRM system will help you create more accurate forecasts and predict what is likely to close.

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  • Opportunity Management Software with Really Simple Systems CRM

    • Estimate probability
    • Create weighted values
    • Pipeline and forecasts
    • Breakdown deal with Opportunity Lines
    • Create Quotations
    • Record changes with Opportunity History
    • Update status
    • Add custom fields

Opportunity Lines

Within each sales opportunity you have the option to break it down into detailed ‘Opportunity Lines’. Therefore, you can separate out different products that you might be quoting on, and differentiate service elements that might be charged at another rate.

CRM Customization

With Really Simple Systems CRM you can create custom fields in your sales opportunities to set-up your own terms. This might be the stages you use in your sales process or maybe you have some special categories you’d like to track. This means your CRM is totally relevant for your sales process.


You can generate Quotations directly from your Sales Opportunity with just one click. You can chose to view the document, download it to your files, and email it to your prospect or customer.

Opportunity History

Our Opportunity History features lets you keep a record of any changes made to an opportunity. So the changes and transactions are logged in the Opportunity History, giving you a full record of any alterations made to the opportunity.

Forecast Reports

Our CRM also includes a powerful report writer dedicated to producing sales forecasts. The Forecast Reports feature means you can create detailed forecasts, reporting your sales pipeline. You can sort the report by probability, weighted and unweighted values and also by your sales groups.