Web-to-Lead Forms

Create web forms and automatically capture leads from your web site

Marketing Leads Captured Online

  • Your sales leads can be captured directly from your web site into your CRM using our Web Forms and Web Transactions. New leads are created from visitors to your web site creating an Opportunity in the CRM and assigning them to your sales team. You might also add them to an automated marketing campaign, mailing them a series of pre-defined messages.

    For example, you can capture a new inquiry from your web site which creates a new record with their contact details in your CRM, recording when the form was completed and setting up a task for a one of your team to contact them.

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  • Capture marketing leads online with Really Simple Systems

  • Create Web Forms that map to your CRM fields
  • Automatically capture leads from your web site
  • Add contacts to automated campaigns
  • Set tasks for your sales team to follow up
  • Allocate new leads to different departments
  • Auto-capture service tickets from your website

Multiple Settings for Marketing Leads

With Web Transactions you can set up mutliple action that each processes the leads differently. For example, a contact form on your web site might use one transaction setting to allocate the contact to a sales person with a task created to call the inquirer back; whereas another transaction might be a simple subscription request that allocates the contact to your marketing team, e.g. a newsletter sign-up box.

Web-to-lead forms let you easily track your new sales leads and help you run your campaign management.

Mailing & Consent Lists

In compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Mailing & Consent Lists allows you to capture consents automatically from your web site forms and keep an auditable record of the transaction in the CRM account.

Web-to-Case Forms

Similarly, if you are also using our Customer Service Software module, you can set up online forms for your customers to complete with any service requests. In this instant you might create a service ticket that is allocated to your support team to follow up. As a result, you’ll be able to follow up more quickly, so keeping your customers happy.