Amerityre Corporation

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Manufacturing CRM Case Study

About Amerityre

  • The Amerityre Corporation is a developer of polyurethane foam and polyurethane elastomer formulations which are used to manufacture world-class flat free tyres. Originally formed under the name American Tire Company in 1996, the organisation is known for its outstanding and unique tyre formulations.

    Today Amerityre is based in Nevada, USA, and is now the largest manufacturer of polyurethane flat-free

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tyres in the USA, producing tyres for the bicycle, mobility, agricultural, lawn and garden, and industrial markets.

As a market leader, the company has developed innovative products utilizing its proprietary polyurethane closed cell foam and polyurethane elastomer formulations Its tires have higher load bearing capability, resist UV and ozone damage, are non-marking, and contain no toxic materials. The tires require less energy to produce than standard rubber tyres, making it the ultimate “Green Tyre”. Once produced, the tyres emit no noxious fumes which are commonly found in tyres manufactured by their competitors.

The organisation’s mission is to provide unique tyre solutions that successfully address the needs of customers by providing products and services that cannot be matched by competitors, either in the USA or worldwide.

Why was a CRM system needed?

Amerityre traditionally used Microsoft Excel to manage their key information for day to day business. Unfortunately, this was not comprehensive enough to handle their daily requirements, which led to disorganisation within the company.

With experience using a CRM with a previous employer, Regional Account Manager, Jody Hudson, identified these issues and requested the company implement a versatile CRM system to properly manage information and other tasks. Jody explained “I was used to working with a CRM. Amerityre had never used one and management agreed to implement one.”

After researching online, Amerityre discovered Really Simple Systems, selecting it above other systems due to it meeting their organisational requirements, its ease of use, and for offering great value for money.

Using Really Simple Systems CRM

During the on-boarding process, Jody noted that the Really Simple Systems’ Customer Support team were “Excellent, and very responsive”. She also commented that learning to use the CRM system was simple due to easy access to online tutorials and regular live webinars.

I plan to recommend RSS to other business owners that I am in contact with.

Really Simple Systems is now used to manage daily business needs, such as tracking activities, keeping on top of upcoming tasks and using account information to contact clients. Since implementation, Amerityre has seen improvements to its organisation and work life. It has worked so well for the company that Jody stated, “I plan to recommend Really Simple Systems to other business owners that I am in contact with.”

Although a relatively new user of the CRM, Jody Hudson believes that Really Simple Systems is a good fit for Amerityre and one that will suit them for the foreseeable future.

The CRM Summary

Using Really Simple Systems has rectified many organisational issues for Amerityre and has also improved how users go about their daily business.

“Our company was looking for a CRM with simple features to store and track customer information, notes and activities. Really Simple Systems has provided us with a platform to do just that. Best of all, it is very low cost and has allowed us enough customisation features to meet our needs.”

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