CCS Adoption

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CRM System Case Study

About CCS Adoption

CCS Adoption is a voluntary adoption agency working in partnership with local authorities for children’s services. As an independent organisation, it covers the areas of Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Bath and Northeast Somerset, North Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire. CCS Adoption offers a comprehensive, individual and support service for families by raising awareness of adoption, providing family guidance, matching children with parents, building long-term relationships and, providing counselling and advisory services.

Early this year, Adoption Advisor, Raychel Thomas, introduced Really Simple System CRM as a new user-friendly CRM system to assist CCS Adoption with their customer management process.

What triggered your business to invest in a CRM system?

CRM system case study with CCS adoptionWhen Raychel joined the company earlier this year, she felt the need for a database that enabled the organisation to track their “people journey”. They were looking for a system that would assist them with the tracking process and help create efficiencies.

Raychel shared “prior to subscribing to Really Simple Systems CRM, the traditional method for tracking people at CCS Adoption had been to print out emails and use hand written notes”.  The process was very time consuming, thus her search for a CRM system.

Out of all the systems I trialled, Really Simple System was the easiest to use

How did you hear about Really Simple Systems CRM?

Raychel recalls.  “I did a lot of web searches. I even tried a few free trials until I came across Really Simple Systems. It was simpler than all the others and very easy to use. I understand that not everyone at CCS is as computer literate as I am, but Really Simple Systems CRM fitted well with our business.”

Using Really Simple Systems CRM

On trialling the CRM, Raychel shares  “Out of all the systems I trialled, Really Simple System was the easiest to use”. She managed to implement Really Simple Systems CRM, then proceeded to get the rest of the company on-board. She continues, “as an organisation, we all decided that it was the best way to go”.

CCS Adoption is using the CRM sales module for contact management, making it easier to manage their customer relationships. Raychel adds “The CRM tool helps you organise your workload, making sure you never miss an opportunity.”

“We set a task for the future and it comes up on the list to do so we know we have to contact that person. It ensures that no one gets forgotten. We also found the reporting feature to be useful. For example, we’ve been able to keep track of how many new enquiries we are getting and how many people are attending to our meetings”.

Really Simple System does what it says on the tin

Really Simple Systems, Is Really Simple!

Notably, Raychel concludes “Really Simple Systems has been easy to implement. Without having any specialist IT knowledge, I could customise it to make it work for us. It’s very easy to make your own changes without having to get specialist people in.