Pricing and Options
No annual contract, no credit card needed for trial


Free CRM forever for two users and 100 accounts.
Everything you need to manage your customers, prospects and sales



Two Users

100 Accounts (companies you deal with)

Unlimited Contacts, Tasks, Activities & Opportunities

Custom Reporting


Keep your free two users and 100 Accounts.
Third and subsequent users



Up to 5 Users

Pay as you Go Pricing

Accounts Cost
100 Free
200 $8
300 $12
500 $18
1,000 $30
additional 1,000 $24

Email Sync $8/user

Marketing $50

Advanced Reporting $15


Unlimited data and all the advanced features for a flat subscription of



Unlimited Users

Unlimited Accounts, Contacts, Tasks, Activities & Opportunities

Email Sync included

Marketing $50

Advanced Reporting included

Customer Service & Support $50


Get either Marketing or Customer Service & Support for free with 5+ Users

All prices in US Dollars per month .
Free Edition is Free CRM Forever. No credit card necessary for sign up.