CRM Email Integration

Automatically capture your emails to and from your contacts

CRM Email with Two-Way MailSync™

  • Our Two-way MailSync™ integrates your CRM email to create a history of every interaction with your customers. Your CRM system automatically captures your incoming and outgoing emails and stores them in each customer’s account activities, so you have a full record of all correspondence.

    Unlike some CRM systems where only your outgoing emails are recorded, Really Simple Systems CRM email records incoming messages as well. And if you are sending messages directly from your email client (e.g. Outlook, Gmail) you can simply record these too by using the ‘Bcc’ box.

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  • Two-way CRM Email Integration

MailSync™ integrates the email accounts of all your CRM users and all your CRM contacts. So as it synchronises in real-time, you’ll be able to see all messages to and from your customers, along with other activities, whether you are in the office or out on the road.

  • Capture emails to and from contacts
  • Record email in account timelines
  • Synchronises in real-time
  • Works with the email client of your choice

Email Integration with Support Cases

If you are using the CRM Service Desk module, the two-way MailSync™ will automatically capture any emails associated with support cases. The emails you exchange with your customer in managing their support case will be recorded to that case as well as to the CRM company account.

Incoming emails can also be set up to create new cases, or be mapped to existing cases.

How CRM Email Works

CRM email works by communicating directly with your mail server. No local software needs to be installed and you can continue to use the email client(s) of your choice.