Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing, Campaign Management and Lead Capture

Email Marketing Software – integrated with your CRM

  • The Really Simple Systems integrated Marketing software provides everything you need to execute, manage and report on your marketing campaigns and activities.

    Using our email marketing software you can send emails and newsletters, then track your customers’ response. You can capture leads from your web site and automatically add them to a Drip Marketing campaign. As all the data is held in your CRM, you can track the ROI of every marketing campaign from enquiry through to sales.

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  • Custom Dashboard

    The custom dashboard lets you see how all your marketing campaigns are performing in real-time.

    This includes email marketing delivery rates and results, new leads by campaign, leads by source, and your sender reputation.

    Email marketing software: send campaigns from your CRM

  • Campaign Management

    Campaign management lets you create multiple marketing campaigns and detailed segments of your database.

    Campaigns can have multiple Campaign Stages to reflect parts of the same campaign or a different database segmentation. For example, you might have an initial email, then a telephone follow up, and then a letter.

    The system lets you track the volume and value of leads, opportunities and sales for each of your marketing campaigns. You can also track and compare the cost per lead across campaigns.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    The powerful report writer in our CRM allows you to created and run extensive reports and analytics. For example, you can create summary reports that show the total numbers of leads by source, and sales by campaign.

    You can also create detailed reports such as this months new leads generated from your website, and reports that run across marketing and sales data, such as the last sales activity on each new lead generated.

    The report writer lets you quickly create ad-hoc reports that can be saved and modified as required. Your reports can be exported as a data file for further analysis or as pdfs.

  • CRM Integration

    Our email marketing software is built into the CRM system, so there’s no need to fiddle around integrating lists and results to and from another product.

    Using the data from your CRM you can personalise your emails and segment them into separate campaigns. You can send attachments with your mailings and run reports on who has opened your message and clicked-through on your hyperlinks.

    The system automatic manages any bounces and unsubscribes, and our DribbleMail™ feature lets you schedule your email campaigns to be sent out over hours, days or weeks to avoid spam filters.

  • Drip Marketing Campaigns

    Our Drip Marketing feature allows you to send a pre-defined series of emails to prospects at schedule intervals. Maybe you’d like to send an initial welcome message to a new prospect and then follow up with offers that fit their profile. Your emails can be scheduled to send by hour, day, week or month, making sure they arrive at the optimal time.

    Prospects can automatically be entered into a drip marketing campaign from a form on your web site, or you can add them in manually.

  • Web-to-Lead Forms

    Using our web-to-leads form feature, Web Transactions, you can capture new enquiries directly from your web site. This means leads can be assigned to your sales people or automatically added to marketing campaigns.

    You can use Web Transaction to create follow up tasks and capture the lead source and referring URL.

    Email Marketing software integrated with your CRM system

I would definitely recommend Really Simple Systems to other marketers looking for a CRM that is versatile and easy to manage.

  • Email Designer

    With our email marketing software you can easily design your own emails and newsletters and save them as templates. Furthermore, you can style them with your own images, logos and colour scheme to fit your brand ID.

    By using the data from your CRM you can personalise your emails and so creating more effective marketing campaigns. You can also add hyperlinks to more information on your web pages and to your social media.

  • Segmentation

    With our Campaign Management feature you can create detailed customer segments, using selection criteria to narrow down your selection. You can segment your contacts by any of the data held in your CRM or add custom fields to specify mailing lists. Alternatively, you can simply mail all your database contacts in one.

    As you specify a new selection of contacts for each campaign your data is always up to date, and bounces and unsubscribe are managed automatically.

  • Email Scheduling

    The email scheduler included in our Marketing module helps you avoid spam filter by pacing your mailing over a period of time. You can set up your campaigns to mail out over a number of hours, days, weeks or even months, making sure they arrive with contact at the opportune moment.

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